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At VService, we are pioneering the future of on-demand services. Established as one of the trailblazing platforms of its kind, we have reimagined the way people access and experience a wide array of services.

We stand as a dynamic hub where service providers from diverse backgrounds converge to offer their products and expertise to a discerning clientele. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has set us apart as a frontrunner in the service industry, enabling us to redefine the way services are delivered and consumed.

why vservice

VService is not just an app; it’s a solution to your everyday needs. We offer a multitude of compelling reasons why choosing us is the smart choice:

Comprehensive Selection

Our platform boasts an extensive range of services, ensuring that you can find everything you need in one place, from home maintenance to professional services and beyond.

Verified Professionals & Convenience

We rigorously vet and verify service providers to ensure they meet our high standards for competence and reliability, giving you peace of mind. With VService, you can book services with just a few taps on your phone, saving you time and hassle. Our user-friendly interface makes the entire process effortless.

Transparent, Safety & Security

We believe in fair and transparent pricing. No hidden fees or surprises – what you see is what you get.  Your safety is paramount to us. We have implemented stringent safety protocols to ensure that every service is delivered with the utmost care.


VService stands as a premier on-demand service provider, offering a diverse range of home and business services to meet the varied needs of our users.

From expert engineering solutions and meticulous cleaning services to reliable maintenance, plumbing, and beyond, we take pride in delivering excellence at every doorstep. Our platform seamlessly connects skilled professionals with individuals seeking top-notch services, ensuring convenience, efficiency, and satisfaction.


With VService, you can effortlessly book, track, and manage a spectrum of services, enjoying the ease of transforming your spaces into well-maintained havens. 

Customer Centric
Innovation & Reliability
Diversity & Sustainability
covered areas

VService launched as a startup in the erbil kurdistan region of Iraq with a clear goal to be the leading service provider in Iraq and the region. Our company covers most of the cities and areas in the Kurdistan region and Iraq.

We celebrate diversity and inclusion, welcoming service providers from all backgrounds and ensuring equal opportunities for everyone. We uphold the highest standards of reliability and trustworthiness in our interactions with both customers and service providers.

By the numbers, the effort: